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Durga Tour in Bloomington, Indiana (teaser)

Hi all--I just joined the community. I've lived in Bloomington for nearly two years, and now that I have a car, I can hopefully start making it to dance events all over the place! :)

Anyway, I'm organizing meddevi's gothic belly dance workshops here in Bloomington, IN as part of her Durga Tour. Some of the details are fuzzy, but here's a small blurb if you're interested in what it's all about...
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Tempest—artist, dancer, innovator of Gothic Belly Dance—is coming to Bloomington, IN to give a series of workshops and a performance!

Please join us on September 23 and 24 for a fabulously gothy and dance-filled weekend. We'll have two 2-hour-long workshops each day; the workshops include "Dancing Darkly", "Dramatic Body Language", "Between the Veils", and "Strange Presence". Saturday night, we'll have a show that will be open for dancers attending the workshops to perform at, with the crowning performance by Tempest.

To attend one workshop, it's $35. It'll be $60 for two workshops, and $100 for the full weekend of all four workshops and the performance. Attendance will most likely be capped at 30-ish.

More info forthcoming as we finalize our studio and performance spaces, but we're planning on having everything be accessible from the campus/downtown area. We'll also have information regarding the show (time limits for individuals, groups, and so on, plus how to get us your music).

Details will appear at Tempest's Durga Tour page:

For more info, please contact the organizer, Jeana Jorgensen, at jeanaj AT gmail DOT com.
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