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Drumming and Bellydance Workshop in Rocky River, OH, Jan 26

Presenting the upcoming Seminar with Master Percussionist and Grammy Award Nominee, Souhail Kaspar!  Souhail and Belly Dance Artist, Soraya will be teaching the "Egyptian Rhythm & Movement Seminar" on Saturday, January 26, 2008 followed by a 2-hr Beginning Doumbek (Drumming) class with Souhail. 
Location:  Lisa Wilhelm Academy of Dance, 19555 Center Ridge Rd, Rocky River, Ohio
TIME:  Registration 10am;  Dance Seminar 10:30-2:30pm (incl. lunch break); Drum Workshop: 3-5pm

COST:  Dance Seminar $60;  Drum Workshop $35;  Both Dance & Drum classes $85
Advance registration is recommended but you can also sign up that morning.
In the Egyptian Rhythm & Movment Seminar, participants learn:
v       the art and personality (downbeats and accents) of common Middle-Eastern rhythms
v       how to interpret all aspects of the music simultaneously to give a complete visual representation of the music. 
v       the relationship of dance to every aspect of Middle-Eastern music: melody, instrumentation and rhythm.
v       differences in dance for full orchestra and taksim (solo melodic improvisation)
v       how to bring each tone of the drum solo to life via proper body part, movement direction and intensity.
What dancers are saying about this workshop:
“…now I finally have the tools to “hear” Middle Eastern music and interpret it for dance…”
“…the dancer looks like she is directing the orchestra with her movements…”
“…now I know the difference between taksims and how to interact with the orchestra…”
In the Beginning Drumming class, participants learn the basics of drumming…hand position, how to produce proper sound, and basic Egyptian rhythms.
For those interested in the drum class, please bring your own drum, or if you want to purchase one from Souhail (his signature drum w/case, $400) please contact Soraya at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop or you can contact him directly at souhail_kaspar@yahoo.com.
Don't miss this chance to study with such a Master!  Please email Soraya at sorayasun@yahoo.com for registration details.  Or, to register, indicate on paper which class(es) you will attend and include a check payable to “Souhail Kaspar” to Soraya at 1981 Columbia Rd , Westlake , OH 44145   Any questions, please email or call Soraya on 720-939-8349 or 440-871-5202.
Some Biographical Information on our guest instructors:
Souhail Kaspar: 

Souhail Kaspar is a master percussionist, known worldwide for his brilliant technique, exciting performances, and teaching skills. He has traveled extensively during his 34-year career and has performed with artists such as Sting and Kenny Burrell, and with Arabic superstars such as Sabah , Feiruz, Cheb Mami, George Wassouf, Ragheb Alama, Kathem al-Saher, and Faiza Ahmed. Additionally, he has an impressive body of recorded work, including credits on the soundtracks for the movies The Prince of Egypt and Sinbad. Since the late 1970s, Mr. Kaspar has also appeared with Ali Jihad Racy at a wide variety of cultural events and performed in major concert halls, master classes, and workshops throughout the United States . He has worked with legendary Egyptian composers Farid el-Atrash, Sayyed Makowi, and Hanni Mehanna. Currently, Souhail Kaspar lives in Los Angeles and is performing, recording, and teaching both nationally and internationally. His most recent recording is the acclaimed Khaliji CD, a collection of popular songs from the Saudi Arabian pensinsula. A true virtuoso, Souhail’s ability to improvise and embellish the rhythmic patterns of Arabic music, as well as his knowledge of ethnic musical history, have made him one of the most highly acclaimed performer/instructors of our day, and it is a rare opportunity to study with such a true Master.  Congratulations to Mr. Kaspar on this year’s Grammy Award Nomination for Best Traditional World Music Album!

Soraya is an accomplished and internationally acclaimed Oriental dancer who has charmed audiences across the world including Austria , England , US, Egypt , South Africa and Japan .  Soraya’s launch into Raqs Sharqi began in the late 80s in Florida where she first studied with renowned artists Jihan Jamal, Ibrahim Farrah, Dahlena, Dalia, Delilah, Suzanna Del Vecchio, and Elena Lentini.  During her pursuit of a medical career, she became an instructor of the dance at the University of S Florida and co-founder of the USF Middle Eastern Dance Association in the early-mid 90s.  Soraya’s dance blossomed with an Egyptian flavor as she continued to study with such masters as Yousry Sharif, Raqia Hassan and Zaza Hassan.  Soraya journeyed abroad to live in Vienna , Austria as the house dancer of the 5-star Al Petra Restaurant and ultimately moved to Egypt where she worked with the famous Samir Sabry and was subsequently contracted to perform regularly on Nile dinner cruises including the Marriott Hotel’s Nile Maxim and the Scarabee.  Soraya currently resides in Cleveland where she is a resident Family Physician and has returned to teaching and performing the beautiful art of Raqs Sharqi.  Through her studies and travels, Soraya’s dance has matured, enabling her to have grasped that ‘feeling’ of the authentic Oriental dancer, which she states comes from “her love of Middle Eastern music and dancing from her core.”
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